We serve as a Catalyst of Transformation bringing the compassionate service for the community especially to the children and youth making them Christ-like. Now, the Program sponsors 140 children and 28 colleges for educational help. opened 3 day care centers and one mission school catering to 150 early childhood pupils. GACDI runs a health center in the community catering to 40-50 patients every day.

We feed 140- 180 children every Saturday and with 350 children and youth under our care. GACDInc also connected 25 Water lines in partnership with Manila Waters and KFHI. Gintong Aral led the 4Ps parents in cleaning the Tungtong Creek for 5 years now and taught youth and selected men of the community about Disaster Management, BLS and First Aid. We embraced Advocacies for WASH, Anti-Human Trafficking, and Child Protection. Holistic Education for the youth and young ones is our vehicle for this transformation then followed by the programs for their families/parents. Specifically, the organization focused on Holistic Child and Youth Development to street children and Out of School Youth in urban poor areas of Taytay first, and in Rizal Province.